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What are Vibes and What are They Used for?

Hello everyone! If you've been in the Discord Server, chances are you've met the Happiness Bot. It may have even asked you to answer a math question, and when you do, it gives you... Vibes? What's the deal with this?

Our lovely Happiness Bot believes in spreading good vibes. So, he has created a little token of appreciation called "Vibes." Vibes are handed out to users when they participate within the community in a positive and engaging way. They can be used to unlock roles, "tip" other users, or even act as a barter method for various community activities!

Well great, now you have a bunch of Vibes. How do you use them?

It's actually really easy! The Happiness Bot is an obedient creature who likes to be told what to do, but only in his language! You must use various in-text commands to interact with your Vibes.

The Bank

Your vibes are stored in the bank, so some commands will start with the $bank prompt. Note that all commands start with the $ sign. This is to let the bot know we are trying to tell it to do something.

To check your balance (total amount of Vibes): type $bank balance within the Discord chat.

To send or transfer your Vibes to another user: type $bank transfer <to> <amount> within the Discord chat.

The Casino

Did you just check your bank balance and find you don't have enough Vibes? Don't worry, you're not alone, so we created an in-chat casino for you to gamble away all your Vibes!

To find a list of all casino games, just type: $showcasino. This will prompt the bot to display a detailed list of all the games and how you can play them!

Okay, dope, but, still, what do I get for earning these Vibes?

There's quite a few things to exchange your Vibes for, and even more to come!


Currently, there are 3 roles you may purchase that unlock new permissions inside the Discord Server.

Low Grade: Allows you to use external emoji and stickers if you are a Nitro Member.

Mid Grade: Allows you to set a server specific nickname and profile picture.

High Grade: Allows you to request to speak in Stage Events; displays your name at the top of the member list.

In-game Items

Vibes act as a unique way to facilitate in-game trading and bartering in ways that many games fail to provide. I.E. Player 1 may exchange items inside of games in exchange for Vibes that player 2 earned for adding value to the community. Player 1 can then use these Vibes to acquire new items from a different player, perhaps even in a different game.


Members of the Discord are given the option to exchange their Vibes for TOR provided via donations from the community. TOR is a blockchain token that is able to be transferred to anyone, in any place, from any place, for a near $0 fee. To do this, members will need to interact with a second bot: the TorTipBot.

Get out there and Vibe!

The CBD community is here to help you Vibe! If you haven't already made it, come join the Discord Server and Vibe with an amazing Cannabis Community!

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