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Ether.Fi Support Committee

The Ether.Fi Support Committee is a dedicated team of experienced moderators and community leaders committed to providing unparalleled support to the Ether.Fi community. Comprising seasoned professionals like Aaron Barboza, 0xSmolRun, Moshiri, Nauzystan, Richnd, Vand, and Narrator, the committee ensures that users receive prompt, accurate, and high-quality assistance. By utilizing their deep knowledge and expertise, the Ether.Fi Support Committee advocates for a supportive and engaged community. The ESC is committed to community growth and curating the best user experience for

Community Stewardship

The Ether.Fi Support Committee, composed of highly experienced moderators and community leaders, is well-equipped to manage the Community Stewardship Program. This program aims to decentralize support functions and drive community growth through a series of well-defined initiatives. Here’s how the committee plans to execute its responsibilities:


Educational Campaigns


Educate the community to enhance user safety and prevent scams.


The committee will create comprehensive educational materials, including guides, tutorials, webinars, and articles, to empower community members with knowledge about and the broader DeFi ecosystem.


Utilize various platforms like Discord, Discourse, and social media channels to disseminate educational content and engage with users.

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Zealy and Galxe Quests


Increase community engagement and awareness through interactive quests.


Integrate with Zealy and Galxe to design and launch quests that encourage users to explore's DeFi integrations and participate in community activities.


Reward participants with incentives such as tokens, NFTs, or exclusive access to events, thereby fostering a vibrant and active community.


AI Chat Support


Provide instant, accurate support using AI technology.


Deploy AI tools like AwesomeQA or MAVA to automate support responses. The committee will train these AI systems using data and chat history to ensure they deliver precise and helpful answers.


Regularly update AI databases to reflect the latest information and developments within, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of support.




Support Tickets


Efficiently manage and resolve user issues.


The committee will oversee the support ticketing system, ensuring timely responses and resolutions. They will categorize and prioritize tickets to streamline the support process.


Escalate complex issues to the appropriate technical or administrative teams within for resolution.

Community Mediation


Maintain a healthy and constructive community environment.


Moderators will actively monitor Discord and Discourse channels to address concerns, mediate conflicts, and enforce community guidelines.

Feedback Loop:

Collect and relay community feedback to the core team, ensuring that user voices are heard and considered in platform development.

Budget Management 


Manage a quarterly budget of $25 000 USDC, allocated for community growth and support initiatives.


Provide transparent quarterly reports detailing the usage of funds, accomplishments, and contributions to the platform. Any unused funds will roll over to the next quarter, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Ether.Fan V2

Learn more about the EtherFan V2 Proposal:

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