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Featured Artists

By leveraging user-generated content across multiple channels, the program amplifies artists' exposure while allowing them to focus on their creative pursuits. Integrating Web3 technology, the Featured Artist Program empowers musicians with the advantages of decentralization and tokenization, without necessitating extensive knowledge of self-custodial and marketing practices. This collaborative approach fosters a thriving, interconnected music community that nurtures talent and innovation.

In-house Marketing

The Featured Artist Program at Alpha Music is designed to help artists reach a wider audience by making the most out of their work-in-progress music. Here's how it works: You submit a snippet or a portion of your song (called "macro content") to the platform. Our team analyzes the best social media and other platforms to showcase your content, based on its unique characteristics. We select 3-5platforms that are the most suitable for your music. We break down the macro content into smaller, customized pieces (called "micro content") tailored for each platform. Each piece of micro content is carefully crafted to fit the culture and style of the specific platform it's being posted on. The result? Your one-of-a-kind music snippet is transformed into 30-50 engaging content pieces, reaching more fans and audiences across multiple platforms. With Alpha Music, you can focus on your creativity while we handle the marketing and promotion, leveraging the power of Web3 technology to help your music grow and engage like never before!


Unveil Your Full Potential and Apply Now:

Gain access to exclusive resources, marketing support, and a dedicated community to help you thrive in the decentralized music world. Take the next step in your music career and join the revolution today.

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