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Riddim, Dubstep, Florida Boi 

Embracing the World through Music

Summit was destined to be involved in music. From an early age, he fell in love with rhythms and melodies as soon as he heard Green Day on the radio. From there he was able to express his passion and develop his appreciation for the guitar by becoming a little rockstar in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. As he explored music, he felt most inspired when he listened to EDM style music. The colorful rhythms and vibrant melodies expressed by artists like Skrillex allowed him to visualize endless potential to create in the genre. 

Summit incorporates this philosophy outside of the musical genre and extrapolates it into humanities greater purpose. By pushing the boundaries of thought, he pioneers a new wave of compassion and comradery. He values love and human connection, but recognizes the friction and oppressive nature that comes from a growing volume of negativity in the world. For him, music is a source of comfort to combat negativity, which he is able to spread and provide to others. 


2024 Showcase

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