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CBD Minecraft Hub

Below you will find information on Settlements, Point of Interest and factions within the Realms. There's plenty to explore that isn't listed below, so get out there and discover!

To communicate with other players. join our Discord Server!


Community Compound

Faction: Community Built Differently

Location: X (257), Z (-15)

What started out as a mere hole in a mountain, this community construction has been made available to any and all passerbyes. Includes a massive and detailed storage room, a large sheep and wheat farm, plenty of place to sleep, and lots of fun stuff to look at. This is an essential base for new players entering the realm. When extra supplies are available, starter packs are filled at the bulletin board by the front gate!

Sky High Arena

Faction: Community Built Differently

Location: X (211), Z (50)

This arena is located way above the clouds, and has more ways to fall off than to stay on! Will you be able you to survive long enough to win a battle in the Sky High Arena?
Medicate and prepare in the Hotbox House below before climbing your way up the ladder to the clouds. Once at the top, you will be exposed to fierce games of Team Death Match, Capture the Book, and Free for Snowball.


Faction: Community Built Differently

Location: X (122), Z(-88)

Community Built Differently is committed to mapping out all the major settlements in the world. The observatory is home to all the world maps, which include maps that show player location! 

It's a big world out there, don't get lost! You'll find the observatory on your way to the sheep farm. After reaching the top of the mountain, turn right towards the tower!


Community Built Differently


Community Built Differently is the faction that belongs to everyone! Players are encouraged to work together and share resources within community owned spaces. 

This faction uses the Discord Server for communication. Any changes may be brought up and voted upon there.

Any conflicts that arise will be settled by the community, to a Moderator's discretion. 

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