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Card Shop

The Card Shop wallet address is:

When available, the card shop will feature Card Packs and individual CannaCards for sale. Cards will be listed for sale as a result of any of the following events:

  1. Unclaimed CannaCards: Cards that are intended as giveaways or other rewards that require manual claiming will be listed for individual sale or added to a card pack if left unclaimed.

  2. 2. Card Shop Purchases: At times, users may sell their CannaCards directly to the Card Shop. These cards may be relisted individually or within a card pack. (They are also subject to burns.)

  3. Voting: At times, the community may vote to add CannaCards to the Card Shop.

All CannaCard listings via the shop will be listed on No OTC deals will be made involving the shop.

Revenue from the shop will be used to further development of the project. Revenue usage is subject to community voting and proposals.

Funds in the Card Shop will be periodically moved to the Treasury.

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