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Brother Vx 520 Sewing Machine Manual

Some needles will need to be threaded by hand, however most new Brother sewing machines have a needle threader. This will either be a lever on the side of your machine, or a button on the front of your machine (with a needle and thread icon).

Brother Vx 520 Sewing Machine Manual

Have you ever sat down at your sewing machine, only to find a stuck needle or jammed thread? The good news is that you can learn a few simple tricks of the trade to avoid most issues. Check out a Brother sewing machine troubleshooting and repair guide to get started!

Brother sewing machine repair includes regularly cleaning and rethreading the machine. Checking fabric feed and tension settings can also improve sewing machine function. Correcting bobbin, needle, and electrical issues can also repair the machine.

Brother sewing machines have a good reputation, but you will still find yourself facing a tangled thread or broken needle once in a while! Check out this basic guide for troubleshooting the nine most common issues you may encounter while using your Brother sewing machine.

So, how does sewing machine tension work? A tension disc mechanism (located in the arm above the needle bar) places more or less pressure on the upper thread. More pressure allows less thread to release into each stitch. Less tension allows more thread, creating looser stitches.

Ideally, you should replace the needle in your sewing machine at the start of every new project or each time you switch to a different type of material. For example, ballpoint needles work best on knit and stretch fabrics. Sharp, narrow needles work best on silky fabrics.

Keeping your machine clean and lint-free will prevent possible jamming or refusing to sew down the road. Depending on how much you use your sewing machine, you may need to clean it on a regular schedule, such as once a week or as often as every time you begin a new project.

Beyond this, any internal writing issues probably need professional attention. If you have a computerized sewing machine, you should almost certainly take your machine in for a repair if the screen goes dark or you need any kind of computer repair.

Your average mom-and-pop repair shop may well have a certified Brother technician on staff because Brother sewing machines are so popular. That said, your best bet is to check the company website to locate an authorized dealer.

Some Brother sewing machines do have a warranty. This depends on whether or not you bought your machine brand-new and when you bought it. Brother currently offers a three-year warranty for parts and labor.

Brother sewing machines jams or tangles often have simple solutions that you can easily learn to save time and money. Learning how to rethread the machine, replace the needle, and rewind the bobbin will make your sewing much smoother! Using the correct type of needle and thread will also prevent many problems.

I didn't know that we need to replace the needle in your sewing machine at the start of every new project or each time you switch to a different type of material. My mother has a brother sewing machine and it is broken so she wants to repair it. Thanks for the tips on how to repair and broken sewing machine and I will talk to a professional further on how to get it repaired.


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