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College Health Insurance Student [UPD]

From our broad national network of providers powered by Cigna to student-focused features and benefits and claims and customer service team members trained to assist students experiencing the U.S. health care system for the first time, we foster understanding and growth for our members.

college health insurance student

Domestic Students must either enroll in the Merrimack College Student Health Insurance Plan or request a waiver with proof of comprehensive health insurance coverage through an outside provider. Students who do not complete the online waiver-request form by the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Merrimack College Student Health Insurance Plan and will be responsible for the charged premium, even if they are covered by another plan.

The Warrior One Stop will email students when the spring 2023 health insurance waiver and enrollment forms are available. At that time, you must enroll in or waive the Merrimack College Student Health Insurance Plan by completing the following:

If Gallagher is unable to verify the information provided on your waiver-request form, students and families may be asked to provide additional documentation, or will have their waiver request denied. Students without existing comprehensive health insurance will be required to enroll in the Merrimack College Student Health Insurance Plan.

Health insurance coverage is required for all continuing and newly matriculated Scripps students. All students are automatically enrolled annually in the Claremont Colleges Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

If the online waiver is not completed before the deadline or coverage does not meet the requirement set, the student will be required to pay $2,868 annual premium. The full year $2,868 premium will not be pro-rated even if comparable insurance is obtained during the year; no exceptions will be granted.

Canisius College is committed to offering student health insurance that provides access to quality health care. We are pleased to offer the Canisius College Student Health Insurance Plan (CC-SHIP). The CC-SHIP is a gold-level plan with coverage of 80% PPO/70% non-PPO, which means that with few exceptions, there will be low deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.(CC-SHIP Benefits Brochure).

The Allen J. Flood Companies will provide confirmation of approved waivers to the student and Student Records and Financial Services Center so that the insurance charge is removed from the student account, usually within 5 business days. If the student does not waive out of the CC-SHIP by the July 15th deadline, the student will be automatically enrolled, be issued an Insurance ID Card, and be fully liable for the charge for the plan that will remain on the student tuition bill. Education loans can be applied to cover the cost of the CC-SHIP premium.

Massachusetts State Law requires all full-time and certain part-time college students to participate in a qualifying student health insurance program (SHP) or in a health insurance plan with comparable coverage. Dean College offers a comprehensive Student Health Plan in compliance with the minimum standards required by the state. This plan is administered by Academic Health Plans and provides coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

All students are charged for the health insurance and must take action to either Waive OR Enroll in the student health insurance at the start of each academic year using the link below. To ensure compliance with the Massachusetts State Law, students are automatically billed for this Student Health Insurance plan each year.

For any student who does not matriculate to the College or withdraws from school during the first 31 days of the period for which coverage is purchased will not be covered under the student health insurance policy and a full refund of the premium will be made, except in the case of medical withdrawal. Additionally, any individual that no longer meets the criterion for a student in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as defined by 956 CMR 8.00 will not be covered under the student health policy as noted above.

In order to waive the insurance, students must provide proof that they are participating in a Health Benefit Plan with comparable coverage pursuant to 956 CMR 8.05(3). A comparable health insurance plan is one that provides reasonable and comprehensive coverage of health services that include: preventive and primary care, emergency services, hospitalization benefits, ambulatory patient services and mental health services. Any health plan must provide reasonably accessible health services to the student in the area where the student attends school. Out of state Medicaid and health insurance policies from other countries are not acceptable. You will need your seven-digit Dean student ID number, date of birth and health insurance information to complete this process.

Students who are enrolling in the insurance plan are required to confirm their enrollment by completing the enrollment form using the link above. You will need your Dean student ID number and date of birth to complete this process.

It is important to note that the burden of proof of participation in health insurance with comparable coverage falls on the student. By completing and submitting the insurance waiver, the student accepts responsibility for all medical and/or mental health expenses incurred should his/her own insurance prove insufficient.

The online waiver process must be completed by the deadline indicated above. Once the waiver has been submitted and approved by Academic Health Plan, the health insurance charge will be removed from the student account. If the College does not receive confirmation of the waiver process, the insurance charge will remain on the student's account and the charge becomes non-refundable.

Ramapo is pleased to announce that it has joined other State institutions to provide a College-sponsored student health insurance plan. We feel that now more than ever health insurance will benefit our students as we have been suffering through the current health crisis caused by a global pandemic. In addition, students asked for this service and we listened, and have now made available health insurance coverage for all full-time students. The plan being offered for 2022-2023 academic year is through Aetna Student Health. Below is a summary of plan details:

Full-time students are automatically billed for health insurance. Students have the opportunity to waive/opt out of this coverage by providing evidence of health insurance coverage to the College-sponsored insurance company by the posted waiver deadline. The Spring 2023 deadline is February 4, 2023. You must waive coverage by this deadline or you will be enrolled in the plan and you will be responsible for the charge. To waive coverage and have this charge removed from your bill, please click the link below:

Fall 2022The annual Health Insurance fee will be automatically billed to all full-time students during the Fall billing cycle. Students who waive their insurance in the Fall may not enroll in the Spring semester unless there is a Qualifying Life Event as defined by the plan. You may enroll in the health insurance plan within the first 31 days of the life event outside the Open Enrollment Period. To enroll due to a qualifying life event, contact University Health Plan at 833-251-1149.

Spring 2023The Spring/Summer Health Insurance plan for the Spring 2023 semester will be billed to all new incoming full-time students for the Spring 2023 semester, and can be waived if that student has insurance coverage.

Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Information Students are required to enroll/waive the College-sponsored insurance plan each academic year. If you plan to keep the College-sponsored insurance, you may self-enroll prior to the College specified enrollment period. To self-enroll, please click the following link:

It is a good idea to review your insurance policy so that you are familiar with what might or might not be covered while you are at Grinnell. Be aware that Grinnell does not have an urgent care clinic. The two walk-in clinics bill as doctor's offices. Insurance policies vary widely in what they cover and what they exclude from coverage. SHAW recommends your health insurance plan has doctors and hospitals in Grinnell, Iowa; covers you for services beyond emergency care which includes pharmacy, physician visits, mental health, surgery, diagnostic testing, and maternity and preventive services; and does not have a high deductible.

Unless you have confirmed that your current insurance provides excellent coverage for health and mental health services you may receive in Grinnell, we recommend that you consider purchasing the student group insurance, which is widely accepted in the community. This recommendation is based on seeing some students postpone or forego needed treatment because their insurance will not cover services here.

All students must either elect to enroll in the college health insurance program or waive out of the program by the deadline of August 14, 2022. As health insurance is required, all students are automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan annually, and they must confirm or waive out of the coverage each year.

In order to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, your private health insurance plan must be based in the United States and comply with the Affordable Care Act. International policies and out-of-state Medicaid policies are not accepted.

International students: Your original financial aid package included the cost of health insurance in the cost of attendance. International students with need-based financial aid have a health insurance grant of $1,870 as a part of their financial aid award. This grant will be removed for students waiving out of the college insurance program. 041b061a72


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