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Winning Eleven 9 Pc Download Setup 20 !EXCLUSIVE!

Winning Eleven 9 features a D-pad that allows you to play the ball with the right stick. You can also choose what action will be performed by tapping the d-pad. For example, pressing and holding down on the left D-pad will make you execute a trick shot with the stick.

winning eleven 9 pc download setup 20

Winning Eleven 9 features two game play modes: Arcade and Training. The arcade mode is slightly different in the way that there are fewer goals on the field, such as only a crossbar for goalkeepers.

Winning Eleven 9 features training modes for every team. These are well done, and include realistic commentary. You also get to work with your AI partner, who makes interesting suggestions like switching the defenders to the defensive midfield position and setting up a counter attack.

Winning Eleven 9 is great for fans of football, and for casual players that enjoy a great soccer game. The overall playability of the game, coupled with its great controls, make Winning Eleven 9 a new classic in the series.

The A.I. in Winning Eleven 9 is quite good. The A.I. controlled players are tough opponents, and rarely let go of the ball. However, some players, particularly the strikers, are pretty weak when it comes to handling. If you find yourself getting your player repeatedly taken down, it is easy to find yourself in a tough spot.

Master League mode in Soccer games was usually boring and never really worked well, but Konamis new motion based football game seems to have worked quite well by offering something of a motion control input. This is a good thing as much of the action is executed by the player through a twisting motion of the thumbstick. Although the game has a number of issues such as the sometimes confusing setup, its still a good alternative to the FIFA games for those that liked FIFA 06.


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