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Diagnosticarea Karmei Iubirea Pdf 13 EXCLUSIVE

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Diagnosticarea Karmei Iubirea Pdf 13 EXCLUSIVE

Diagnosticarea Karmei Iubirea: A Book Review

Diagnosticarea Karmei Iubirea (Diagnosis of Karma Love) is the third book in the series Diagnosticarea Karmei (Diagnosis of Karma) by Serghei Nikolaevici Lazarev, a Russian researcher and healer who claims to have the ability to see the human aura and the karmic causes of diseases. The book focuses on the topic of love and its role in human evolution, health and happiness.

The author argues that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and that it can heal any physical, emotional or spiritual problem. He also explains how love can be distorted by egoism, fear, attachment, jealousy, resentment and other negative emotions, leading to karmic consequences that affect not only the individual, but also his or her family, ancestors and descendants. He offers practical advice on how to overcome these obstacles and cultivate true love for oneself, for others and for God.

The book is based on Lazarev's personal experience and observations, as well as on his interactions with thousands of clients who sought his help for various issues. He illustrates his points with numerous examples and stories from his practice, as well as from literature, history and religion. He also answers some of the questions that his readers have asked him in previous books or during his lectures.

The book is written in a simple and accessible language, with a spiritual and compassionate tone. It is intended for anyone who wants to understand the meaning and purpose of love, and to improve their relationships with themselves and others. It is also a useful resource for those who are interested in the topics of karma, reincarnation, aura, energy and healing.

The book is available in PDF format online[^1^] [^2^], as well as in print from various publishers. It has been translated into several languages, including Romanian[^1^], Bulgarian[^3^], Polish, German and English.

The book is part of a larger project that Lazarev has been developing since the 1980s, when he discovered his ability to see the human aura and the karmic influences on it. He claims that he can diagnose any disease or problem by looking at the energy field of a person, and that he can also influence it by using his mind and will. He has conducted thousands of experiments and consultations with people from different countries and backgrounds, and has recorded his findings and insights in his books and seminars.

Lazarev's work is based on a holistic view of the human being, which includes not only the physical body, but also the soul, the spirit and the karma. He believes that everything that happens to a person is a result of his or her thoughts, emotions, actions and choices, which create positive or negative karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect, which determines the destiny of a person in this life and in future incarnations. Lazarev says that karma can be changed by changing one's attitude and behavior, by following the moral laws of the universe, by forgiving oneself and others, by developing love and compassion, and by connecting with God.

Lazarev's books have been praised by many readers as life-changing and enlightening, but they have also been criticized by some experts and authorities as pseudoscientific and controversial. Lazarev does not claim to have any scientific or academic credentials, and he does not provide any empirical evidence or references to support his claims. He says that his knowledge comes from his intuition and direct perception of reality, which he considers superior to any rational or logical analysis. He also warns his readers that his books are not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment, but to complement it with a spiritual perspective. aa16f39245


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