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You Have Requested : The.Walking.Dead.S11e04.MP... REPACK

"I started coloring my hair when I was like 25," Collins told Insider. "I was prematurely gray. I don't really want to go into why I had all that stress. When COVID happened, I was so happy because I didn't have to dye my hair every two weeks."

You have requested : The.Walking.Dead.S11e04.MP...


"There have been so many things that I've overcome that I feel lighter and younger than I've ever felt in my life," Collins said. "When I was 25, I don't even know if I could have a conversation with that girl. She was so heavy and laden down with pain. Part of getting older is being authentic, being really true to yourself."

Daryl gives Leah some information to keep himself alive. Just that Maggie's the group's leader, they have a priest with a gun, a tall skinny guy who "won't stop talking" (Negan presumably), and dozens more back at their base. That earns Daryl a tryout.

There are a few things to all of this that just don't really make sense. Pope believes the Reapers have been chosen by God. OK. Why do they go around killing everyone they meet and stringing up the corpses of their victims from trees? That doesn't seem very pious. Why would Leah be so on board with this life of cruelty?

In the episode "Remember", Jessie appears as a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who gives supplies to newcomer Rick Grimes, who recently shaved his long beard and Jessie offers to give him a haircut. Later when the group explores the neighborhood Rick loses sight of Carl and Judith and runs into Jessie who shows a panicking Rick that they are just talking to some elderly residents. In the episode "Forget", Jessie, Pete, Ron, and Sam attend Deanna's party. In "Spend", Jessie is shown when Rick visits her. She explains to him that her owl sculpture was broken, but doesn't know who did it. Rick promises to look into it, but Jessie questions what he will do, and he tells her that he will think of some kind of punishment. Later towards the end of the episode, Carol Peletier visits Pete, asking for Jessie. In response he replies, "Not a good time." Carol then informs Rick that Jessie is being abused and suggests that Sam may be as well.

I will miss Christine Lahti. She brought a bit of fire that SVU needed to make the story pop, and another person for Elliot to fight with (and we all love seeing Elliot angry at someone other than Olivia, though we may not admit it). She was the one you love to hate, and begrudgingly respect after everything is over and the dust has settled. She played an abrasive character who seemed to have her foot in her mouth more than not. Paxton also served as a reminder that not all ADAs are young and pretty.I really liked seeing Olivia have so much spotlight, which I don't think I've seen since PTSD. The episode was very good, and the season is starting out stronger than I thought it would. The abortion clinic scene was one of the best, along with the one where Paxton finds out that Olivia's mother was not only a drunk, but Olivia is a product of rape. Brilliant acting on both their parts. After Undercover we have seen more of a focus on that, and I think it is good to take the focus away from it a little as time progresses, though I'm sure there will be many episodes that come back to it.Overall a good episode. I look forward to next week's.

I feel that SVU is off to a wonderful start this season. I enjoyed CL's acting. I think we were supposed to not like her and she did an admirable job of being too bossy and annoying. I didn't quite buy her being totally off the rails in latter court scene but if you have a drinking problem, people do many things that they would not normally do. It was shown that she had somewhat of an addictive personality in the beginning with the smoking and coffee clutch (or was it a mixture?). I like when the whole team works together as the spotlight being just on Benson and Stabler. I enjoy both actor's but it makes for a more interesting and typically amusing scenario when Munch and Fin are involved. I was also surprised when Cragen brought up Olivia's mother in a public forum. Paxton's dismissive of alcohol not being a disease was proof she was not able to realize only does she have the disease but also millions of other people. I thought Scott Foley did a good job in his role.

When we first meet the feral family that not only live behind the walls, but have turned to cannibalism to survive, we are instantly put into shock mode. These are not walkers that stumble around searching for food The feral people are famished from lack of food, and they are practically naked. What is very unsettling is the means of mobility that they use. They chase Connie on all fours, like wolves after prey. There is no reasoning with these feral people. All humanity is gone. They only know that they are hungry, and that food has somehow stumbled into their den.

The Commonwealth may be nothing more than a very bad Homeowners Association. A good friend of mine lives in a 55+ community where the bylaws are so strict that they would not permit her to have a ramp built for her husband who became totally wheelchaired bound. Her poor husband was trapped in the house. Criminal!

Team Eugene sit through a nifty commercial video that featured all the wonderful things about being a citizen of Commonwealth. They have law enforcement, schools, ice cream shops, bakeries, malls, and everything else needed to live the Utopian dream. Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) may have been a used car salesperson in a former life because his video is definitely inviting. There is mention of a president: Pamela Milton. At the end of the video, Princess gets her two-dollar bill back, along with a job. Everyone gets a job except Yumiko who is invited to visit the state department for her job. They also get their assigned living quarters. Mercer (Michael James Shaw) may or may not be as bad ass as he pretends because Princess easily wraps him around her little finger.

As the group of them eat by fire, Pope confronts one who while carried the dead body of Turner home (someone Leah regarded as a little brother), who seemed to not have a scratch on him. Pope accuses him of fleeing from the fight and as punishment burns him alive over the roaring fire.

I mean, I wouldn't say intimidating, I would say just really exciting. You know, I've been around the block in this business, so not much intimidates me, but a lot excites me. This was such a great opportunity. I am a big fan of this show. And actually, as a fan, it's an honor. It's an absolute honor to be a part of it, and in this way, where we're introducing something I think that we've all wanted, for Daryl to have a love interest. I feel like this is a time that the writers felt like they could introduce it. You know, the show's winding down its last few seasons, and what a way to be involved in something that I've loved. So it's exciting.

Thank goodness Lynn Collins was already a big Walking Dead fan before she landed the role of Leah, since it would have been somewhat disappointing to have such a memorable new character being played by an actress who didn't fully realize Leah's impact on one of the drama's longest-surviving characters. Indeed, Collins was absolutely aware that Leah's relationship with Daryl would face much scrutiny from the show's outspoken audience. Especially since that relationship was kicked off by Leah pointing a gun at Daryl and temporarily holding him captive. Probably not a story that many other longterm couples share.

As time went by in the episode, Leah and Daryl not only started to get along, but their feelings for each other combined and morphed into a genuine romance, despite a lack of horny make-out sessions. Because viewers didn't have access to the full breadth of the experiences that Leah and Daryl shared during that lengthy span of time, Lynn Collins understood that it was just as vital to win fans over as it was for her character to win Daryl over. In her words:

So playing the part of Leah was like, it was so important to me that, as fans, we were able to like her enough, to understand her enough, to connect with her enough that we would want the two of them to have sweetness, to have love, to have intimacy, to have something pure and beautiful in this world of darkness and death. So I mean, that was my goal. You know, it's the fans world as much as it's the actor's world when we're doing this.

I have to say, in every relationship I've ever been in, if I was given an ultimatum, I didn't like it. And any time I've ever given an ultimatum, it always flies back in my face. So I mean, if I were Leah's friend, I would have told her like, 'Pipe down, sweetheart.' But I will tell you this: when we were shooting that scene at the dinner table, you know, working with Norman is really just like popcorn and cotton candy. It's so fun, it's so delicious. It's just such a pleasurable experience. So to get into these deeper emotional moments, I had to really pull out my toolbox. And one of the things I do if I'm having a hard time getting into a place emotionally, or finding the intensity that a scene needs, is I give myself a secret; a secret that the character has that the other characters don't know.

But before she can get it out, he tells her, 'Alright, I decided I'm going back on the river, and I'm going to be gone for a while this time.' So she never gets to tell him. And so the ultimatum comes out of that. There's a missing piece of information; he doesn't have the whole story as to why she's even giving the ultimatum. For her, she's ready to nest, she's ready to put down roots and, you know, he's ready to fly. So I think the ultimatum comes from her absolute dreams dashed.

The fact that Leah goes missing probably shouldn't have surprised many Walking Dead fans, since this show has a way of ending relationships in devastating ways, and it's also pretty well-versed in making characters disappear at inopportune times. But still, that timing couldn't have been more awful, with Daryl finally wearing his heart on his sleeve and ready to commit himself to another person. If Leah doesn't come back at any point, I doubt Daryl will ever allow himself to be that vulnerable again. 041b061a72


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