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Download Real Trader Zip

In this section, you can download all individual datasets released in UNCTADstat in 7z format (free open source software with a high compression ratio). If you do not already have 7-Zip on your computer, you can download it free of charge here:

Download real trader zip

Download File:

Classic TWS offers quick click order entry from bid and ask prices, with the order row displayed directly beneath the Market Data row. Classic TWS is always available to traders who need more advanced tools and algos.

The offline installer contains everything needed to install and run the selected TWS version. The Offline installation will not update automatically. If a new version of TWS is published, you will need to manually download and install the Offline program again. If you prefer to have TWS auto-update, install one of the updating versions above.

Is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Registered Office: 1800 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2106, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3J6, Canada. Website:

The COT Public Reporting Environment (PRE) provides an application programming interface (API) to allow users to customize their experience with the COT market report data. The API allows users to search and filter across columns for each of the datasets, including reporting date or week, commodity groups, subgroups, or name, and contract market name. Customized data report results can be downloaded to available formats -- CSV, RDF, RSS, TSV, or XML.

1. Legacy -- The Legacy reports are broken down by exchange. These reports have a futures only report and a combined futures and options report. Legacy reports break down the reportable open interest positions into two classifications: non-commercial and commercial traders.

2. Supplemental -- The Supplemental report includes 13 select agricultural commodity contracts for combined futures and options positions. Supplemental reports break down the reportable open interest positions into three trader classifications: non-commercial, commercial, and index traders.

The short format shows reportable open interest and week-to-week open interest changes separately by reportable and non-reportable positions. For reportable positions, additional data is provided for commercial and non-commercial holdings, spreading (in certain categories only), changes from the previous report, percent of open interest by category, and numbers of traders.

The long report, in addition to the information in the short report, groups the data by crop year, where appropriate, and shows the concentration of positions held by the largest four and eight traders.

You will be able to access data for those area codes that are in your subscription as often as you like during your annual period. However, to protect system integrity, you may download data files from the national registry only once in any 24-hour period.

Companies that have provided the required identification information and certification, and paid the appropriate fee (there is no fee to subscribe to five or fewer area codes) will be allowed to check a small number of telephone numbers (10 or less) at a time via interactive Internet pages. This will permit small volume callers to comply with the do not call requirements of the TSR without having to download a potentially large list of all registered telephone numbers within a particular area.

If you add new or different area codes to your upcoming subscription, you will not be able to download them until your new subscription becomes active. Adding area codes to your current subscription does not extend the length of the Annual Subscription Period.

You may renew at any time once you are within 30 days of your Subscription Expiration Date, but if your current subscription expires, you will not be able to download area codes again until you renew.

If your organization pays for its subscription using direct debit from a bank account (also known as electronic funds transfer by entering the bank ACH number at the, you must wait until after your payment clears before you can begin downloading from the Registry. Generally, payments take between three to five full business days to clear. However, it is possible for payments to take longer before they will clear.

For example, if you submit your payment on a Monday, BEFORE 8 PM EST, and there are no holidays during that week, then your payment will generally clear by close-of-business on Thursday, and you will be able to begin downloading data from the registry on Friday. Alternatively, if you submit your payment on a Monday, AFTER 8 PM EST, and there are no holidays during that week, then your payment will generally clear by close-of-business on Friday, and you will be able to begin downloading data from the registry on the following Monday.

After payment is processed, you will be given a unique Subscription Account Number (SAN) and permitted access to the appropriate portions of the registry. You will now be able to download phone numbers from the registry. For more information on downloading see the DOWNLOADING PHONE NUMBERS section of this FAQ that starts at Question 48 below.

Your first order of 5 or fewer area codes will take up to 3 business days to process. Once your order has finished processing you will be able to download files (or use the INTERACTIVE PHONE NUMBER SEARCH)

A Full List Download is a download that contains all the registered telephone numbers within the area codes that are part of your organization's subscription as of the day before you are doing the download.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you are a Telemarketer/Service Provider downloading on behalf of clients you will be required to certify your compliance with the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) each time you download.

Data is available from the national registry using Internet-based formats and download methods that serve both small and large businesses. Data also is available in three different sets: Full Lists, Change Lists, and the Interactive Phone Number Search (small list look-ups). Full Lists and Change Lists are available as "Flat Text Files or XML tagged data files. With a Web browser, you may access a secure Web page that allows you to select the download set that you prefer. For the Interactive Phone Number Search, you will be asked to enter from one to 10 telephone numbers on an online form. After entering the numbers and clicking a button, the national registry will display the list of numbers you entered and whether each number is registered in the national registry, or not registered.

For both Flat Text Files and XML tagged data, if you select a Change List, you will be provided all telephone numbers that have been added to, or deleted from, the registry since the date of your last successful download. Change Lists, for both Flat Text Files and XML tagged data, are available to provide changes on a daily basis (representing the additions and deletions from the day before).

Download files are compressed or zipped to make downloads faster and more secure. You can use any standard software for uncompressing or unzipping downloaded files. If you do not have this software installed on your computer, you can download it from one of the Web sites that offer such software, for example:

Generally, you will need to rename the downloaded file to conform to the conventions required by the decompression software you are using. For example, you may need to rename the file so it has a .ZIP file extension. After you rename the file, then click on it to launch the decompression software. For details, you should consult the documentation for your decompression software.

The Full List will grow larger as more telephone numbers are entered into the National Registry. The size of a Change List depends on how long ago you downloaded a list and how many telephone numbers were added to and deleted from the Registry since that time.

The following table provides estimates of typical file sizes for the Full List, but the sizes of the files you download may be different. The estimates are based on 23 million registered telephone numbers:

Downloads work in different ways, depending on your list selection. Remember that before you can download registered telephone numbers, you must agree to the certification requirements of the National Registry.

If you choose to download a Change List, a custom list of telephone numbers that have been added to and deleted from the National Registry since your last successful download will be generated. When your Change List is ready, you will receive an email at the email address for your Authorized Representative (if you logged in as the Representative to request the list), or the email address for your Downloader (if you logged in as the Downloader to request the list). You should receive the email within 24 hours after you submit your request. Inside the email will be a link which you must click on to start the download. Answer the dialog questions to save it to disk. Be sure you have enough disk space to hold the downloaded files. As noted above, once the Change List is downloaded, you must uncompress it.

For Change Lists, you may also choose to set up a SOAP-based web service to automate downloads of the files using either Flat Text File or XML tagged file format. The compressed XML payload is similar to that of the XML Change files. You must contact the Help Desk to obtain specific technical details and the WSDL specification for this service.

As noted above, the download files come in two different formats: Flat Text Files or XML Tagged Files[PB1] . The sections below describe the contents of these file formats for Full Lists and for Change Lists. A Full List in Flat Text File format looks different from a Change List in Flat Text File format.

CEPII offers interactive data visualizations about the world economy, through its country and region profiles, in French and English versions. These interactive sheets present the characteristics of the insertion of 80 countries and 10 regions in the world economy. The data used for each illustration are available for direct download. 041b061a72


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