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most people remember the super nintendo entertainment system as the system that ushered in the 32-bit era, but that wasn't the case. the super nes was actually the system that more than any other hinted at the '32-bit era to come. while the snes boasted a fantastic built in encyclopedia of video games with preinstalled game roms and a killer control scheme, those were merely the tip of the iceberg. the super nes, in the true sense of the word, ushered in the age of new ideas and new experiences. in 1989,nintendo held a nintendo world championship in new york, inviting creators from a multitude of genres to show off their work. the event introduced the world to a then relatively unknown programer named howard phillips. phillips had created a game called river city ransom, which was essentially a side-scrolling platforming series set in a police department. nintendo world championship was a huge success and, a few months later, phillips ported rcr to the super nintendo, expanding it to a 3d world full of branching paths, puzzles and many rooms to explore. river city ransom won nintendo the competition and was subsequently spun off into the glorious castlevania series. it gave players the ability to fly on ropes and swing from a chain link fence as link, and to fight monsters in an eerie castle where you had to navigate the rooms and battle the baddies all alone. the snes was all about experimentation and the super nintendo allowed a new breed of games to be produced. with the snes, the super game boy, the master system, the virtual boy and the virtual boy 2, and such innovative technologies as the super fx chip and the super audio chip, the console introduced a lot of ground-breaking ideas that are still in use today. many of these games were only introduced in the snes's life, and are often still considered by the public to be groundbreaking when in fact, were just a few early ideas that soon became popular with programmers and game designers. 3d9ccd7d82


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