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Finest Cognac Money Can Buy

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Finest Cognac Money Can Buy

"Frapin Fontpinot XO is so special. It is the kind of cognac that will have you fall in love with the category. Fruit forward and complex with rich toffee notes, this XO has a finish that lingers for days!"

The popularity of cognac continues to climb and conquer the globe. Regarded as one of the most prestigious spirits available, some bottles have even sold for six-figure sums. But what makes this French delicacy so fashionable

The vast majority of cognac is produced from quite an underwhelming grape, the Ugni Blanc. However, through the artistry of double distillation and the miracle of French oak, this rather average grape is transformed into one of the most versatile spirits there is.

The key differences with most cognacs comes down to how long they have been aged for, falling into one of four categories: VS, VSOP, XO and the recent addition of XXO. With this in mind, it would be impossible for us to just mention one cognac, so keep reading as we explore a selection of the best cognac in the world, within each age category.

This invigorating VS cognac is characterised by unique notes of fresh mint and white rose, it has a refreshing yet smooth profile that makes it an appealing alternative to cognacs from some of the bigger and pricier houses.

The Frapin House prides itself on its single-estate status, as every cognac is harvested, distilled and aged in its entirety at the Domaine, and it has been this way for a staggering 20 generations.

This VSOP cognac is characteristic of its terroir, with delightful aromas of honey, gingerbread, hazelnut and a touch of vanilla. On the palate it is sweet, satisfying and long with lingering spice. Having received numerous awards over the years, this is an undeniably exquisite cognac that we recommend adding to your collection.

A stunning example of a Fine Champagne cognac from the Boinaud Estate. The De Luze XO Cognac is a testament to their cognac house and this has been proven by the wealth of awards that it has picked up year after year.

This Extra Old cognac has been aged for on average, around 20 years, however the oldest eaux-de-vie in the blend comes from the harvest of 1980 on the family estate. It is a sublime offering from the De Luze Maison, and encapsulates the spirit of the house.

Another Fine Champagne blend on our list is this XO from Audry, and this one is extra special. The Audry cognac house was founded in 1878, however it ceased selling cognac in the 1950s and instead kept a number of larger stocks in its cellars in the hope that one day Audry would rise again. Low and behold that day came, and Audry now dips into its precious Limousin and Tronçais oak casks, housed in its Paradis cellar, to carefully select rare and beautifully matured eaux-de-vie for limited release.

This XO cognac is a treasure that has been created from a blend of the original reserve and aged for an impressive 12 to 30 years. It presents a decadent toasted, creamy flavor on the palate with hints of dark toffee and almond. This is a luxurious and expressive cognac that should be sipped neat and savored.

Hennessy makes a second appearance on our Best Cognac list, but how could we not give it its credit here when it was the cognac responsible for establishing the new XXO category. The official age category for XXO is 14 years or longer, however this cognac contains some eaux-de-vie aged for more than 50 years.

This Fine Champagne cognac is made from around twenty-five distinct eaux-de-vie from the Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Aged for between six and twelve years, it boasts vibrant aromas of roasted nectarines, apricots and melon, mixed with sophisticated notes of orange resin, oak and vanilla.

This is a cognac that gives XOs from the big four houses a definite run for their money, and at a far more affordable price. This well-aged blend solely from the premier cru of Grande Champagne, showcases delicious tangy, nutty and woody flavors that often dominate


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