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Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1 Extra Quality


TestComplete can work with any Telerik control via a graphical user interface. Besides, TestComplete provides extended support for most of Telerik controls. It automatically associates them with special scripting test objects that contain supplementary methods and properties for working with the controls, for example, for selecting individual items and retrieving the item text.

If you experience issues when working with the controls, select File Install Extensions from the TestComplete main menu to check whether the required plugin is installed and enabled. If the needed plugin is not available, run the TestComplete installation in the Modify mode.

I am working with Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1. It looks like you can no longer override the messages for many of the Kendo grid's labels or tooltips. Here is a list of several messages/tooltips that I was not able to override using a kendo-global language file: 1e1e36bf2d


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