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Online High School Courses

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Online High School Courses

Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

Excel High School offers full-time, online high school programs for students seeking grades 9-12. Excel High School serves students anywhere in the U.S. and the world, with a fully accredited high school experience. Do you need a full time online high school option for your child Are you an adult needing an accredited high school diploma Excel High School is a perfect choice.

Attending High School online offers a great deal of flexibility. The online courses at EHS can be accessed at any time and from anywhere you have an Internet connection. We have even had students access courses from a cruise ship. One misconception concerning online courses is that they are easier than traditional high school courses. Actually, the opposite is true. We find that our courses are more rigorous than traditional high school courses. Students attending high school online are often required to be more disciplined than traditional students. Students enrolled at Excel High School really learn and are well prepared for college and university. Call us for more information at (952) 465-3700 or Enroll Now.

**As a State recognized accredited high school, students pursuing a high school diploma from EHS must complete a minimum of 25% of the total credits from Excel High School to earn an accredited diploma. Regionally accredited High Schools can transfer in 75% of previous credits toward graduation. *Excel High School issues the very same accredited high school diploma that students receive from the local public high school. This includes a minimum of the following credits; 1-English, 1-math, 1 science, 1-social studies, and 2-elective credits. Click Here for credit transfer policy.

Since starting this year at Excel, she is being fully challenged in honors courses. My daughter told me the other day, "mom, I have never had to work so hard in school". We love you Excel High School and Anna will be with you until she graduates next year.

Our inclusive set of core high school courses covers subjects in math, science, English, and social studies. We also offer many elective courses in areas such as foreign languages, digital technology, journalism, and art history.

For college-bound student athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school, Pearson Online Academy offers many NCAA-approved core high school courses. Students should work closely with a school counselor, referencing the NCAA-approved courses listed below and considering graduation requirements when planning their schedules. Students seeking NCAA eligibility must complete coursework consistently and discuss course progress with teachers at a minimum of four checkpoints throughout the course.

Student interaction is a critical part of the overall educational process for international online high schools. While most of the instruction supports anytime, anywhere learning, students also participate in a live online classroom environment through LiveLesson technology.

UTHS online high school courses offer students scheduling flexibility and an opportunity for credit recovery or advancement. Courses are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, designed by curriculum experts, and facilitated by experienced, highly qualified Texas-certified teachers. Subjects include a variety of high school level math, science, English Language Arts, social studies, physical education, art, Spanish, and elective courses.

The Independent Learning Program offers students flexibility to complete courses on their schedule and is designed for students who are enrolled in other school districts or homeschooling (not seeking a UTHS Diploma). From the date of enrollment, students in the Independent Learni


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