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In that episode I presented you with four different stages of warming your readers up. In the last episode, number 113, I talked about how to get the first eyeballs on your blog, how to get the reader to take a first look.

Today, I want to talk about getting people to take a second look at your blog. We started this miniseries on warming your readers up back in episode 112. In that particular episode, I presented you with four different stages of warming your readers up. In the last episode (in episode 113), I talked about how to get the first eyeball, how to get people to view your blog for the very first time, to get that first visitor.

The second part is to list the gains that your readers want, the things that they dream, the achievements that they want to have, the successes that they want to have. Again, this can be presented in this promise that you make. I really want to encourage you to think about the tagline of your blog, how can you make a promise in that tagline that is going to make people look twice.

The second thing that I think can make people look twice is to do something a little bit different, to differentiate yourself in some way. Now, this will probably be more the way you write your content, but you can also weave this type of thing into a branding as well.

The other thing I think is really important and that I guarantee you will make people look twice, is when you create content that gives them a quick win, when you give your readers quick wins. One of things that I actually talked about at the Social Media Marketing World recently was one of the best things I think that we can do as bloggers is to create fist pump content.

A different type of episode, Chris sat down with writer, artist, filmmaker Clive Barker twice, a year apart from each other. In the first half, Clive and Chris sit down together only a couple months after Clive contracted Toxic Shock Syndrome from the a routine visit to the dentist, went into a coma and had several strokes. They talked about what happened, his health and the re-release of his Books of Blood short story collection. Chris then returns a year later and Clive is doing much better. Chris, Clive and Mark Miller (Vice President of Seraphim Films) talk about his recovery, his new book featuring a collection of his paintings and finding the lost footage that allowed them to release the director's cut of Nightbreed!

Krysten Ritter and Chris hang out and talk about their mutual love for bowling, her audition process for the role of Jane on Breaking Bad, and a bottle of juice explodes everywhere in the middle of the episode. Krysten also talks about getting her start in the entertainment industry as a model after being discovered at a mall as a teenager!

Chris sits down with Keanu Reeves in New York City to talk about Keanu's lifelong love of comedy and experimenting with improv and comedy as a teenager, the slow process of making films and the importance of staying passionate about the project and his new film John Wick. Chris tells Keanu about the first time he saw a trailer for The Matrix and how it became such an important part of pop culture!

The legendary Paul Reubens sits down with Chris and Jonah! They talk about the development of Pee-wee, what it is like living with an alter-ego and the release of the newly remastered Pee-wee's Playhouse set. Paul also talks in depth about his moving to Los Angeles where he joined The Groundlings and came up with the character of Pee-wee, met Phil Hartman and how they came up with the idea for Pee-wee's Big Adventure!

The talented and hilarious Jason Schwartzman is back on the podcast! He and Chris start out with a deep conversation about feeling "normal" as a kid and how Jason is raising his own daughter, Jason talks about his favorite songs to cover when playing music, and they discuss how they both manage their extremely busy lives!

Ron Perlman had so much fun the first time on the podcast, he had come back for seconds! He and


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