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When did you start dancing When I was 3. I loved it. I did recitals and I loved being onstage. I particularly loved the collective mind of the audience. Applause was nice, but I liked the silence of the audience better. The silence means, Oh, my! You have their rapt attention.

When you first think of knitted polo shirts, it's likely that what crosses your mind are the preppy looks of yesteryear. In fact, knitted polo shirts are taking centre stage in many a designer line-up this season. With novel twists applied to pattern and construction, it's time to forget everything you thought you knew about your uncle's favourite garment, because it's about to be yours, too.

"Breakthrough Prize laureates are making fundamental discoveries about the universe, life and the mind," Yuri Milner said in a statement. "The fields of investigation are advancing at an exponential pace, yet the biggest questions remain to be answered." 1e1e36bf2d


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