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David Morris - "Carrying Your Love" (Official Music Video)

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It didn't take long for the song to make its way across social media. As of this article's publishing date (July 26), Morris' song has been used in over 339,000 TikTok videos. The cover also sparked a new trend on the app, which features users showing how they are "carrying your love with me," whether that be by wearing their beloved pet's shedding fur on their clothes, showing off tribute tattoos or sharing other meaningful displays of affection.

Fans will be treated to Morris' signature heartland style on the six-stop run, which will kick off in Charlotte, N.C. on Feb. 16 and wrap in Atlanta, Ga. on Feb. 25. Keep up with Morris on all platforms including - TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and To pre-save tickets, visit and use pre-sale code RDFAM2023.SHE LIKES IT TOUR DATESFeb. 16, 2023 in Charlotte, N.C. at The FillmoreFeb. 17, 2023 in Jacksonville, Fla. at Florida TheatreFeb. 18, 2023 in Orlando, Fla. at House of BluesFeb. 23, 2023 in Norfolk, Va. at The NorVaFeb. 24, 2023 in Raleigh, N.C. at The RitzFeb. 25, 2023 in Atlanta, Ga. at The TabernacleDavid Morris is a country artist, singer-songwriter and rapper from Charleston, W.Va. His sound fuses traditional country music with modern pop and hip-hop creating a lane that is unique to him. He's seen recent success with the release of his 2022 single "Carrying Your Love" which interpolates a 1997 George Strait classic. The song went viral on TikTok in July of 2022 and peaked at No.3 on the platform. 59ce067264


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