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Ali Bragin
Ali Bragin

Ivona Tts Ricardo E Vitoria Crack 2013

this paper focuses on the development and the evaluation of an integrated neural network-support vector machines (nn-svm) system for predicting the sensitivity of an underground coal mine to mining disasters. an artificial neural network (ann) was constructed to process features from different types of sensors and mine environment. the developed nn system was evaluated for predicting the sensitivity of coal mines to mining disasters.

Ivona Tts Ricardo E Vitoria Crack 2013

this study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the endodontic rotary niti files (reciproc, k3 and waveone) in comparison with the stainless steel hand files (size 40, gates glidden) for removing the residual gutta-percha from the root canals of human permanent mandibular molars. thirty single-rooted human mandibular first permanent molar teeth were selected for this study. vertucci's method was used to determine the tooth root canal system anatomy. the crowns were removed from the coronal area, and the root canals were prepared using four different endodontic rotary files-reciproc, k3, waveone and hand files-and then obturation was carried out using the cold lateral condensation technique. after apical patency was achieved, the teeth were sectioned at 2 mm above the cementoenamel junction, and scanning electron microscopy (sem) images were taken and compared. in comparison with other rotary files, the waveone had the greatest ability to remove the gutta-percha from the root canal. this study demonstrated that the new endodontic rotary files had an ability to clean gutta-percha from root canals. however, further clinical studies are necessary.


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