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Strain Spotlight

Always Choose Happiness


Blueberry Gelato

A Berry Delicious Delight

In low doses, these lil berry bois provide anti inflammatory and pain relief. Despite having a strong berry aroma, the herbal flavor are more noticeable when smoked. Higher doses will start to invoke its calming mental sedation.

Sweet Tea

Woke Up Relaxing

With the magical green touch from Berner, Cali Cookies delivers an immensely sastifying strain. She's soft on the nose, but provides pleasently earthy aromas that bring with it a nice relaxing herbal flavor. Users who attempt to smoke these extra potent nugs will immidiately notice a strong wave of warmth and comfort.


Gelato Cake


A cross of two beautiful strains, Gelato Cake delivers the appearance of Gelato #33 with the clasic, heavy "indica" effects of Wedding Cake. It's initial flavors match its spicy aromas with a pleasant aftertaste of sweet berries.

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