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Twitch Game Nights

Join Team Skills every Wednesday and Saturday for cash prizes!

Game nights are hosted by GRAII every Wednesday and Saturday. Participants compete with the entire Hectorian community in various Twitch Stream games. Game night is filled with fun, excitement and intense moments! Whether you've ever played or are are an expert, Game Nights are meant to be enjoyed by all, and you are encouraged to come say hi and share a laugh with the conmunity!


Passion and loyalty are two key ingredients at forming a cohesive team. Team SKILLS believes in recruiting the most dedicated Hectorians with a long term vision.

Team Captain

Mayor SeabassCity

The Founder (not flounder) of the Seabass Kilk International Limited Liability Squad. Don't let his humbleness fool you, Seabass is a passionate Hectorian who inspires loyalty through kindness.


1st Mate


Sonoro is a bright and focused player, with a superb knowledge both inside and outside of game nights. If he's not recruiting you, he's probably helping his children or a community member with a question. You don't want to look away when you get a Sonoro ping. You're already winning, imagine being on his Twitch Game Night Squad...

Chief of Negotiatons




Chief of Tactics


Fireball's heated passion for gamenights often carries him to the top of the leaderboards! He is, no doubt, Game Night' MVP.

Chief of Coordination


Formerly a member of Team SoCheeze, shrHEC originally thought he had been betrayed by Seabass. He has since recognized SKILLS as the home he belongs to.


Hector Network

Pioneering the Web 3 Experience

Game Nights are hosted by the Hector Community, which proudly surrounds the Hector Ecosystem, an ever evolving set up sub projects that work together to provide an innovated Web 3 infrastructure.

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